Saturday, December 25, 2010


Follow me. Accept me. Prove to me that I am loved. Tweet me. Friend request me. Become my fan and adore all that is me. Why should I be followed? Why would any person besides myself want to read the words I have written? They don't mean the same to you that they do to me, so why would you care to see what I see? I am alone in my mind, begging for attention; yet I am embarrassed once my name is mentioned. I am unworthy of any praise so why does my selfish ego thirst for them to say my name? Read me like a novel, promise not to tell a soul. For the things you will find are harsh and quite cold. There is pain and love. Lust and addiction. There are secrets my very subconscious dare not mention. There is a place deep inside I sometimes wallow. I am willing to let you in if you promise to never go. Follow me. Accept me. Prove to me that I am real. Tweet me. Friend request me. Show me what it means to feel.