Saturday, August 18, 2012


Sway with me Move with me rhythmically Like the wind envelop me in you your heady musk, my natural lust for only you. Trace me on the ground. Spin my balance all around. Oxygen has no place between us.

Bad dreams

Is this a dream? It feels like a dream. You know those rare times when you consciously know your dreaming. When you can even here the sounds of reality around you, but your dream just keeps on playing in the for front of your mind like it has no clue your minds eye is open, deliberately watching its every movement. This must be a dream. Otherwise I would feel more or less. I feel almost numb to this unknown land of familiar ache, and O it hurts so painstakingly good. Can you change a dream? You know the times when you fiddle with the idea of flying and for just a moment you soar. Could I have changed this dream to feel better? To fit the happier side of my perception of joy a bit more precise? If I had loved differently than maybe today wouldn't be inherently sad. All of these familiar faces telling me to run to unknown places to deal with their sense of what I am going through. Somehow they imagine they too can feel my very heart disintegrating inside of me.That they too are familiar with the ache known only by my unassuming heart. In truth I am as alone in this as they where in their pains of love, and there is only one human that could fill that looming void; sadly he doesn't believe I could fill his. Yes, I think I'll stay asleep a while longer and if I try hard enough maybe then I could fly.

realm insanity

Look at this madness that is your world. You thirst for order, but drink of the insanity that is the realm. sad is the man that wants for more but lives for so much less.

The days of old.

Remember the days of old? The days when we would dance to relevant tunes of our adolescent times. When the worries of the day were only what happened in the hours past the sunrise. When life was so incredibly pure that dancing, just swaying to your very own melody was the perfect cup of joe on the coolest of mornings. When we fully trusted our parents to take care of important things while we flitted between the lines adding our own sense of self to the equation. When picking peas from your meatloaf was your one and only aspiration for the moment. Somedays I wish I could go back to that time with you. The time when I knew nothing of time.


She watched as the blue moon toyed with his movements. He danced for her never taking one moment to relax. He danced the rhythmic tune of his own melody and she watched in awe as his masculinity move expertly to such a precise song as his own. and he watched her intent on a lasting impression. Wanting her so badly his very nature called her to him. He was warm to the thought, alluring and mesmerizing. Yet bitter and harsh to the first touch. Unwavering he moved never misstepping as he deliberately stalked her. Slow agonizingly slow he closed in like predator to the all knowing prey. Accepting her fate she moved closer to him then drew back slightly from his harsh roar. He was the only constant she knew. Always there. always magnificently alive. Never a promise unkept; with him nothing was absolute but his unpredictable appetite for more. Finally she moved in. Ignoring his cold grip. Escaping in the crashing masculinity of his voice. He surrounded her and left no privacy between them. His bold intimacy took her last breath. His hold on her was great and she knew nothing else but him. With no choice left in the matter and even less care, finally she gave way to the tide.


Stretch my body to bring forth life for you are the only extension of me that is real. Spread my hips and streak them in lines; the very smallest of sacrifice. Drink of me and live by my body. Rest upon me and listen my heart it beats for your very existence.

Stained Window

My window has changed blue pane, stained glass window veins My older eyes see more of you Though Id rather a distorted view. I can't look away, a horror this film watching you. I can't see the way I can dry these old eyes staring directly at you. Free me from my need to know you and I will smile in mockery. Make me believe I once knew you and my beclouded view was magnificently true.