Thursday, June 16, 2011


A shadow in pitch darkness is impossible at best
A figure made of light is your faith at true test
I walked in an alley filled with unholy things
I loved a sand man who couldn’t hold my ring
A hog that can fly is every pessimists dream
A kiss with no lips is a bee with no sting
I watched my thoughts float around me like fire fly’s at dusk
Then simultaneously combust; like a lesbian’s unnatural lust.
I stared into a hole un-bounding and old
I sauntered into a wonderland where there where no roads,
And as I walked down them I surely became lost,
For there were no signs telling me which way I ought.
I lived amongst this perplexity for many an hour.
Bewildered and found in the cocoon I once cowered.
I retraced my steps to the road without direction and was found in the lost sense of my very own deception
I loved a sand man who couldn’t hold my heart
I found a sun in the darkness and that was all I sought.