Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lack Luster

Eyes sparkle like sapphire stones
Sweet lips glistening; Tragedy prone.
Hips sway mockingly from side to side.
His heart grows bitter; her very presence makes him quiver
A voice filled with haunting desire.
Assuming in every way; this fortress is my empire.
Great at a game I was not meant to play, poisoned by extremities that should have never traveled my way.
I am lust in the flesh, a walking contradiction.
I am the remains of a disease someone left in a pool that a young girl swam in.
Wicked with a blind eye to all that is right.
Wrong with an open heart to anyone willing to fight.
I am a honey sweet sting; taste my sin.
I am glass, shattered; I glimmer with a lustrous emotion.
I was adolescent and it wasn’t a choice.
Yet it burned so deep to hear the screams of my ever-silent voice.
Rough hands. Soft skin. Young body. No oxygen.
Tainted mind, heavy tears.
Hypothesis that form no conclusion.
This I know. That I fear will be the story of her life written in scars, hidden by skin, vivid to only her and him.

By Eboni Gonzalez & Tiffani Hilliard