Monday, March 21, 2011

Knowing You.

I know you, I have known you for a while now and I know you well.
You are the hand that embraces mine
The eyes that watch my sleeping figure
The smile that reassures my every apprehension
You are the body that shields my own,
but this hour; this indistinct hour I don’t know that I know you at all.
There is a part of you that I cannot see.
A part so well hidden from me.
Enclosed in a skull, floating in your very own shell of uncomfortable secrets.
That place, muted and so full of sound.
Your very own resonance. It guffaws at my ignorance. It questions my silence.
It feeds my curiosity with the words your mouth so choose.
and I taste the bitter afterbirth of every admission you try and swallow
I know you, I know every part of you that I dare recognize. and the others?
The others I sheathe within my own sheltered skull, your ignorance the very same as
mine. I know you.