Saturday, August 18, 2012


I listen this night. My angry hurt loves you and I can't quite let go of hope. Everything within me knows you, but your reckless sparatic exterior shuns those memories. Your nothing that I want yet all that I need. Feel me when I am gone and I know you see me. Eyes closed I reach for you. Laying next to another I know you reach for me. Let me go and I would leave but only so far this shackle will lead. Your losing all that I am. I'm almost to gone. My back turned I hear your thoughts, but you hide from me. You take me away to the most desolate land then leave me to my very own device. You disgust me with the deepest of love that I painstakingly try And bury; yet it grows and no body knows it But I. For all I have is me and though I have been wrong tonight, tonight I listen. Tonight I give way to the feelings I see. Red and dark angry death stare I glare at you in my memories. O the way I hurt for you. Only you.

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