Saturday, August 18, 2012

Walk away

Today I walked away from you. I cut a corner and didn't look back. I heard your cries but they burn me and I couldn't take the incandescence. Have you not seen my torment? Did you not create this melancholy that covers me? When I raised you I was but adolescent and you brought me fourth so why was I the one holding your sobs. Your sorry cries that I still can not comprehend. I am man. The man you created and I did not ask for you. Did you ever rejoice for me? Do you yearn for my love like I unknowingly for yours? Do you seek my acceptance or has the wall that is my back become the only relationship you have with I. Hurt me so good. Create my imperfections and focus deeply upon them. for all I could ever need is your love. The abyss that is my heart I stuff with empty things to fill the hole that a mothers love should have. Take me back to the child hearing your sweet cries and close your eyes to the dysfunction that you have created in me. Cloak me in you mama. For I yearn for I what cannot accept. I love you more than I love me.

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