Friday, January 14, 2011

Amas eyes.

Her eyes, they stare like majestic stars glowing in the night. Striking and bright but they tire. Exhausted from years of wires changing and racing the electricity of time that flows through her mind. The memory of him is faint yet strong as her heart beats on she knows it is he who gave her the blood that made her strong. But Lord how am I strong from a man so gone he cant even look into my eyes. These eyes! The very ones he gave me before he turned away. That day. That day. So a machine. I am perfect and strong I carry on each day as if I never knew there was a thing wrong. So Take my hand and lead me away to a place where emotions are a choice and i wont have to hear the constant echo of his voice. No stop! please don’t. I wont feel for him, it cant be my fault I was an adolescent, a child, please let it stop. Let the wind take my breath and answer for him let the memory of him fade like sun shone in the morning. Be still and silent. Keep Calm and collected Don’t say a word. Then I wont hurt. Please don’t hurt. and maybe just maybe they wont notice my silent eyes and the way they cry. I cry. But only inside for the questions unanswered and a life unknown or what would have been if he had never known.

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