Monday, January 24, 2011

Frantic ballet

Kiss my fingertips, breathe my skin. Caress the palms of my hands; let's dance the movements of love again. Lock into my stare. Don't dare look away, its bitter outside but its warm in your embrace. Give me your nature in all of its entirety. If I beg you to stop, I'v lost my sanity. Be the everything that my mind believes you are, let go of foolish logic let's become what we are. Race me to the finish line. We are lions after prey. Wash away my persperation with your own, we are one this way. Taste the wanting of exctasy as we dance this frantic ballet. Now lay me down once again as you painstakingly pull away. Smile with those eyes. yes your masterpiece fully complete; He who greets with fire and ice never to much of either one. Now hold me tighter than before and trace the paintings of my skin. How addictive the feel of you. My personal artist and I your paper victim.

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