Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is the feeling of me
There is the way my heart beats
I met you again, my heart not in my hand
You had it all along
I wished for the best, never hoped for the rest
We stood the test of time better than many
It was not a race not a competition of fate
We did this on our own.
I wanted to give up, couldn’t make it over the hump
But the blood flowing through my veins was compelled to need you
Never ending oaks is how my love grows
We grew together intertwining our souls
We are a mesh, woven tight.
I murmur words my mind doesn’t recognize
You know exactly what I intend
My heart pumps slowly
Breathe on my skin
We are one, I can feel it within.
Look into my eyes and feel me once again
You are my way to light.
My conception of you is nebulous but clear
It doesn’t make sense but I know that you hear
Reach into your mind and pull me out
I am soft and enchanted with you
Need me the way I lust for you
My mind evaporates for I cannot have you the way
I am constrained too.

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