Friday, November 19, 2010

our webs

We are a web. Immaculately tangled. Intertwined and of the strongest material. My heart is your own and our souls alike. we beat the same rhythm. We are one in the same. Stare into my eyes and see your own they are floating in an ocean of me. My vision of this love is lucid yet tenuous. Will it ever make sense that my thirst for you is endless? I am compelled to need you as I am to breathe and without you I am a fish out of water. A human lost at sea. Looking into your eyes, I find myself lost in that looming space. There is a truth behind them that I can not explain. It sends goose flesh across my skin. Is needing you this much somehow a sin? My husband. My warrior. My strength and smile. My boulder in a sea of pebbles. My very best friend and glorious man. We are a web woven tight so heavily intertwined that no master of anything could sort our vines.

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